Dorothea Stella-Kaiser

Clinical and health psychologist


Mag. Dr. Dorothea Stella-Kaiser, Alserstraße 24/11a, 1090 Wien, Mobil: +43 676 924 0462, Email:

Psychological Diagnostics:

Clinical psychological diagnostics

  • serves to determine the presence of mental suffering  or mental disease requiring therapy, to assess mental and intellectual performance, and to determine potential personal or vocational/professional problems
  • serves as starting point for developing an individualised therapy plan
  • explores, along the lines of personality diagnostics, the presence of mental disturbances (diagnosis acc. to ICD 10 und DSM IV (DSM V)), for the purpose of general performance diagnostics and for diagnosing working capacity. Starting with an analysis of the problems in hand,  it proceeds to an analysis of the causes and develops indications as the basis of well-founded interventions
  •  is a standardised process based on a detailed interview followed by tests and questionnaires to give clients support in respect of their specific needs. This scientific approach  also calls for conforming to ethical standards
  • may be used in support of establishing a diagnosis in the context of psychotherapeutic or psychiatric treatment
  • may be commissioned by clients themselves in the interest of clarifying specific mental or intellectual states


Clinical psychological counselling:

  • is a short-term intervention seeking solutions, clarifying problems and giving general support
  • aims at enhancing wellbeing, strengthening self-esteem and self-confidence and recovering full capacity to act and take decisions

Specialisation in psychological counselling:

  • self-esteem problems
  • work-related problems
  • partnership problems
  • sleeping problems

Setting: Individual counselling for young persons and adults


Setting: Individual or in small groups:

  • Serves to make individuals to confront - and learn to better understand - themselves  with all their weaknesses and strengths, their behaviour and reactions as they are shaped by their personal lives and developments
  • In the course of training as clinical and health psychologists self-experience is indispensible for trainees in order to enable them to better reflect on themselves in their working environment.

Setting: Individual counselling for young persons and adults

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