Dorothea Stella-Kaiser

Clinical and health psychologist


Mag. Dr. Dorothea Stella-Kaiser, Alserstraße 24/11a, 1090 Wien, Mobil: +43 676 924 0462, Email:


  • Psychotherapeutic treatment is to help persons in situations of emotional conflict or crisis to cope with their problems and emotional suffering and to restore their wellbeing and recover their full power of acting and decision-making
  • Psychotherapeutic treatment aims at alleviating and, in the long run, overcoming symptoms. Clients learn to change their self-awareness and re-assert their confidence in their own capacities. At the same time psychotherapy intends to strengthen clients‘ self-confidence through self-knowledge
  • Psychotherapy deals with clients‘ individual problems and seeks to help them recognise and understand their internal tensions and  consequences resulting therefrom, and to incorporate the initiated countermeasures into their own repertory of experiences and behaviour


Psychotherapeutic training is governed by the provisions of the Psychotherapy Act. 
The occupational title “Psychotherapist“ is protected by law.




Training in gestalt theoretical psychotherapy:

As a humanist procedure, gestalt therapy is based on a holistic approach to clients as beings in whom body, mind and soul form a unity and who are at the same time part and parcel of their social and ecological environment.   Work with clients focuses first and foremost on the present and the clients‘ experience of it, and  deals with their past and life history in the context of “here and now“, aiding them to become conscious of both their emotional and bodily experiences and integrating them into a better understanding of themselves.

The approach is resource and solution oriented, and is based on the premise that every individual harbours a potential for self-healing and mental health that is to be re-activated by the therapy.

Alongside interviews, the therapy also relies on other techniques, such as

  • role playing
  • body perception exercises
  • relaxation exercises
  • dreamwork


My fields of specialisation in psychotherapy:

  • depressions
  • anxiety disorders
  • psychosomatic disorders
  • personality disorders
  • addictive disorders

Settings: Individual and  relationship  or  partnership  therapy for young persons and adults



Individual therapy

  • After a first interview, therapy sessions usually once a week; frequency may be reduced, in the course of or towards the end  of the therapy, to one session every other week. Duration of sessions: 45 minutes
  • Duration of treatment varies with the kind and scope of problems

Fee:  90 -110.- €

I have been allocated a limited number of therapy vacancies funded by the health insurance system. In other cases, state health insurance institutions refund different percentages of treatment costs (e.g. WGKK and SVA  pay   €21.80 per session, BVA € 40.--). Please note that fees for psychotherapy are free of VAT.


Relationship or partnership therapy

  • Relationship therapy offers a protected setting for discussing conflicts arising in a partnership and elucidates the backgrounds of partnership problems.
  • It is designed to propose ways to find adequate strategies and to resolve rigid structures in dealing with each other, aiming at enabling both partners to deal with one another respectfully and appreciatively.
  • However, relationship therapy may also prove helpful for partners that intend to separate, showing ways to effect the separation  respectfully and with a minimum of damage to either side.

Fee:  90 minutes:   200.-€



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